Cucumber-jvm is an open source BDD tool that lets user express the behavior of system under test in plain English. It is a great way to have an executable documentation of your system.

Why This Book?

The intent of this book is to demonstrate building a functional test framework using cucumber-jvm. It will help you learn and implement concepts from scratch, at the same time evolving a scalable solution.

What you will learn from this book?

Expect to have a very good grasp of the following once you go through this book

  • Basics of behavior driven development.
  • Evolving a test framework
  • Understanding test runners
  • Cucumber feature files and glue code
  • Background and hooks in cucumber

For the purpose of the example framework we are using an in-house application (a basic accounting app).

Want us to help developing a custom BDD framework for you?

At TestVagrant, we help Startups with building robust test automation solution be it Mobile, Web or Services. The core idea behind TestVagrant is to bring an

  • affordable,
  • niche
  • rapid solution to startups.

Please visit TestVagrant website to request for free POC.

Happy Reading !!!

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