Consolidate - Journey So far

This is what we learnt so far.

  • Getting the machine ready for writing tests.
  • Creating a basic feature file and the glue code for the same.
  • Understood some basic Feature file keywords.
  • Running the tests through IDE.

Now that our test runs and it works in theory, let look at the code so far in terms of an efficient test framework.

Here are some of the problems i see, the obvious once:

  • All glue code is in one step class. We need to organize them better.
  • All the driver code seems to be lying in the same class with webelement identifiers hard coded.
  • Although we are talking to three different pages in the scenario, the code is all at one place i.e there are no page objects.

In the following articles we would fix these problems one by one and slowly evolve the framework.

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